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they said

Violet Consutling

"things just clicked"

“We had no idea what to expect but from our very first call things just clicked. Jeanette & Allison's kindness and understanding of where we were and where we needed to be was spot on.”

Megan t.

"so professional"

I was paralyzed with tech overwhelm. I didn't know what I was doing, or if what I googled would even work. She's so professional and I was just blessed to have to take that confusing tech stuff off my plate. She made it look like it was easy... I'm glad I had her walking me through every step. I'll never try that on my own haha.

Sarah N.

"individualized experience"

I appreciate the individualized experience that she provides. She truly got to know my strengths and weaknesses so that she was able to help me stay organized in some of my weaker areas. My brain is full of thoughts and ideas, and she recorded every one of them to help me strategize my next move.